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Welcome! This website was created on 29 Oct 2008 and last updated on 19 Jan 2012. The family trees on this site contain 102 relatives and 20 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.
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About Popes of Sussex
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The facination with the Pope side of the family began about a year ago, this is my  husbands maternal grandmothers maiden name, Ellen Pope.   She was born in Portsmouth   26 July 1868, a fellow family member had already researched the family years before  through Ellens marriage details to Henry George Richard Hansell in Portsea, Hants. on  19 April 1890. giving her father as James Edward Pope. As most people would, we  accepted this as true .. before computer info was so avaiable.  The problem was on  searching the Census returns for 1871,1881, for James Edward Pope, Ellen was not found  on either Census's with the family, so the mystery began.

At the beginning of this year 2008, our nephew bought the birth certificate of Ellen,  lo and behold, her father was James Edwin Pope,a Mariner, so a scurry of activity  began and yes, this was found to be so on the 1871 & 1881 Census's, it also stated he  was born in Bosham, West Sussex, where we live!. James Edwin Pope seems to have  disappeared after the 1871 Census, her mother was stated as a widow on 1881 Census so  Ellen and her three siblings were very young when he died,and her eldest brother was  found to be in the Poor House in Portsmouth on 1881 Census, as a Scholar aged 14. my  mystery though is I cannot find a death certificate for him, as he was a seaman, I can  only assume he either died at sea or in another County.

I have had a lot of help from fellow 'cousins' in this search, and must thank Heather  for sending me the Bosham Parish Records of BMD, and all the info on James Edwins  sister Eliza Pope, that I have put on here for fellow searchers, and Chris for the  helpful links he has sent me, including it seems we may be related to Royalty through  a marriage of Edmund Pope and Elizabeth Newdigate, check it out on my stories page,  have also added a link to the Newdigate family going back to 12th Century.

This is a site still in progress, hopefully all info is correct as I do like to check  it all out before accepting, I don't collect names only.  Anyway, enjoy your visit,  have a read of the stories,  and please sign my guestbook. By the way, the password  is 'Sussex', There are no living relatives on this site.

** I have just noticed my links to Bosham BMD Parish Records is missing, so I have  removed the link, if you'd like me to send you a copy, please sign my guest book with  your email address requesting it and I'll send you a copy.

Sadly, since I started this web page, my lovely husband Tony Edward Hart has passed,  on 09/09/09, I know he took great delight in what I found, and I dedicate this site to  him x  He was an inspiration to me,and the love of my life, and was facinated in the  information I have found on the POPE family, made more poignant as we live in Bosham,  West Sussex. I have now added his line, Ellen Pope was his maternal grandmother.

My Husbands Family Line 
 John Pope 1465, Sussex M Isabella Pichingham 1470, Sussex
 Edmund Pope 1496, Hendall, Sussex M Elizabeth Newdigate 1500, Sussex Nicholas Pope 1525,Sussex M Mary Gill 1525, Buckland, Herts. Ralph Pope 1554, Hendall, Sussex M Cecily Gladman 1556 Sussex Nicholas Pope 1593, Buxsted, Sussex M ?
 Thomas Pope 1630, Wilmington, Sussex M Mary Symons 1635, Sussex Thomas Pope 1668,Hove, Sussex M Elizabeth Lee(Mother of Thomas)1670 then M Sarah Curtis 1671, Hove,  Sussex
 Thomas Pope 1690, Hove, Sussex M Elizabeth Silverlock 1690, Bosham, West Sussex William Pope 1721, Bosham W.Sussex M Elizabeth Martin 1725, Sussex Richard Pope 1764, Bosham,W. Sussex M Mary Miles 1758, Bosham W. Sussex Richard Pope 1790, Bosham, W. Sussex M Eliza Butcher, 1791, Chichester, W. Sussex James Edwin Pope 1830, Bosham,W.Sussex M Eliza Ings 1835, Landport, Portsmouth, Hants. Ellen Pope 1868, Landport, Portsmouth, Hants M Henry George Richard Hansell 1867,  Hampshire.


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